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        This is Kathern at age 17 when she lived across the Rainy River in Baudette or
Spooner.  She was employed in the stave mill and this she claims is the way they dressed. 
But the hat!!   All the photos I have has her wearing some type of large hat.  The picture below

shows her actually in the mill yard with an armload of staves.  Staves are the odd shaped pieces
of wood that are bent and shaped to make a wooden Barrel.  These barrels were used to store 
flour and meat amount other things.  I believe the wood used was poplar. I thought this was Gertie 
Langstaff, but Gertie Gunderson, who knew both, assured me that it was indeed Kathern.  Possibly
the glases are some early safety device.  The camer used here obviously was  an amateur one and 
the picture above was done by a professional photographer.  Below is a picture of her future husband

young Jack Langstaff also piling staves with Joe Gauthier and an unknown older man.