Patrick Flynn Bio p1

Patrick Henry Flynn Biography

Field Worker's Notes
Some dates in the pioneer data form and in the biography have been omitted due to 
Mr. Flynn Jr. not being able to remember them.  He also has no records so is unable
to furnish these dates.
Enough material and data for a biography of the second wife, Mary Walker could not
be obtained, therefore it is impossible to write a report of her.
Field Worker:                          Rewritten and typed by:
   Mrs Anna Runnestrand,           Otto M. Sperling, Research Editor,
   Historical Data project,            Historical Data Project #2770,
   Fordville, North Dakota            Kulm, North Dakota
Patrick Flynn Jr. was born to Patrick Flynn Sr. and Katherine Flynn Sr. on March 1st 
1860 in Portage, Wisconsin.   The parents of Patrick Jr. came from Ireland (Bantry, 
County Cork).   Mr. Flynn Sr. came to America in the year 1840.
 In 1864 Patrick's mother passed away leaving his father to provide for the family.
 In 1865 Patrick Flynn Jr's. Father, wanting to own a farm of his own, went to Northern
Iowa (New Hampton, Chickasaw County).  He was still a widower.  Northern Iowa then 
was new country and Mr. Flynn Sr. considered himself a pioneer, even though he did not 
homestead there.  He purchased 80 acres of land in Chickasaw County, near Lawler, Iowa 
and built a cabin of logs from the surrounding forests.  As a widower the elder Flynn 
raised his children here.
Patrick Flynn Jr. was the oldest boy of the family and thus was put to work early in life.
Schools in Northern Iowa were very unsatisfactory then so he received only about a fifth
grade education.
Mr. Flynn grew to manhood under pioneer conditions and in 1882 in his 22nd year he 
undertook a pioneer's life of his own in the Dakota Territory, a much newer country.

Insert #1: 1870 census for New Hampton, Chickasaw Co., Iowa, taken 11 July 1870.
   Numbers in family fit what Patrick stated in data section, 1 brother, 3 sisters.

Name,             age,          Trade or        Value    Value          Place       Parentage      Parentage
                        sex,           Profession    Real-     Personnel      of         Father             Mother
                        colour,                            estate    Estate          Birth,      Foreign(1)     Foreign(1)
	Patrick	      47 M  W	  Farmer       $1600    $1000	Ireland			1		   1
	Ann	        41 F  W	    Housekeeper			 	 Ireland 		 1		    1
	Margaret    11 F  W	At Home					 Wisconsin	      1 		 1
	Eliza	        11 F  W	     At Home				     Wisconsin	   	   1		      1
	Ellen	        10 F  W	     At Home                  	  	     Wisconsin		   1		      1
	Patrick		8 M  W	   At Home				    Wisconsin		  1 		    1
	John		 7 M  W	    At Home				     Wisconsin		   1		     1

Insert #2 : 1880 census for New Hampton, Chickasaw Co., Iowa. 
 Name Relation Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation  Father's    Mother's 
 Flynn 		Marital Status						  	  Birthplace Birthplace 
 Patrick      Self M Male       W 60  IRE Farmer			IRE 		IRE 
 Ann           Wife M Female W 55   IRE Keeping House		IRE 		IRE 
 Patrick      Son  S Male       W 20  WI  Works on Farm	  	 IRE 	          IRE 
 Ann Ellen  Dau  S Female  W 22   WI  At Home 		   	   IRE 		   IRE 
 John          Son  S Male       W 18   WI  Works on Farm   	   IRE 		   IRE 
 Eliza          Dau  S Female   W 23   WI  Teacher		       IRE 		IRE 
Margaret, who may be married, is missing. Ann must be Ellen from the 1870 census. 

 		On the 1st of April, 1882, Patrick Jr. came to Ardoch, Dakota Territory alone. He 
was in good health but had very little money and clothing. (Patrick left by train from
Lawler, Iowa and after 3 days arrived at Ardoch. D.T.) Having mechanical ability and 
being a good farm hand, his services among the settlers was much in demand. 
 		That year, 1882, Patrick Jr. files on the southeast quarter of section #12 in Eden 
township, 155-55, Walsh Co., Dakota territory. (He was the 8th settler in the township,
the earliest being Ingebrit Seilstad who had arrived only three years earlier. It is 
interesting to note that one settler, Mr. Seidmore, was originally from Nova Scotia.). 
Mr. Docksteader, a neighbour, broke 15 acres of land for him. (As this was virgin prairie 
sod a special large breaking plow would have been used.)  Note the words and the map 
have him in different  locations: SE vs SW quarter sections.

 		In 1883 Patrick Jr. bought three head of oxen and a seeder and planted wheat on
his newly broken sod. This crop of wheat became frosted in the fall (so no yield per acre 
was recorded) but he used part of it for seed the following year. The wheat that grew 
from this frosted seed was excellent grain. 
 Insert #3 : The first church. 
 St. Marks Catholic Church was the first area church built in 1887 on land donated by T. Curtin
 for a total cost of $7000.  It was a frame structure 30 x 60 feet with three doors and eight 
 windows and a steeple housing a bell.  It was used for 50 years, and it was only closed as of 
 2003 although it was destroyed by fire in 1939 and rebuilt before this was written (pre 1939). 
 The original church members were: 
 Mr. Mrs. Patrick Flynn; 					Mr. Mrs. James Bulger; 
 Mr. Mrs. Henry Burris; 				     	Mr. Mrs. James Doherty; 
 Mr. Mrs. Thomas Fee; 				       		Mr. Patrick Kelly. 
 Mr. Mrs. Henry Murphy; 				      Mr. Joseph Whalen; 
 Mr. Mrs. John Foerster Sr.; 				      Mr. Mrs. Joseph LaBine; 
 Mr. Mrs. James Kelly; 						 Mr. Mrs. Fitzpatrick; 
 Mr. Mrs. John Phelan 

Insert #4 : School data. 
The first school in the area was built by a Mr. Peterson in 1886 for a cost of 
$1000.  It was a frame building, 30 x 40 feet with two doors and five windows 
and heated by a wood stove.  The first class was held in 1887, and it was taught 
for 9 months by A. R. Hill, who earned the princely sum of $40 per month. 
		Timothy Curtin, an early settler of Eden Twp., was appointed immigration 
agent for the Canadian northwest in 1903.  In 1904 he sent Patrick Flynn Jr. to 
northwest Alberta as a delegate.  In 1908 Patrick was a pilot for prospective settlers 
in northern Alberta.  He also filed on land and lived there for five months.   In 1907, 
Mrs. Patrick Flynn Jr. passed away in Conway, ND, the month and day being 17th 
August. (This oddly worded sentence is the actual words of the biographer.)  
		On the 4th of May 1910,Patrick Flynn Jr. and Mary Walker, of Eden Twp. were 
united in marriage in Conway, ND, Father Simpson performing the ceremony. Two 
daughters, Edna and Bertha, were born of this union.  Mary had 1 brother, William, and
two sisters, Anna and Bertha, and they all lived in Walsh County, but at the time of the 
biography Patrick Flynn had no knowledge of their addresses. 

Insert #5 : Family details of Mary Walker:

 Born: sometime in 1896*, married at 14, quite young considering 
			Patrick was 54 years old when they were married; 
            * according to 1910 census this should be c1891, married at age 19.
 Died: 18 Aug. 1914, seems likely due to complications after Bertha’s 
			birth.  Another wife who died very young.
Father: William Walker, farmer English nationality; 
Mother: Margaret (?), house wife. English nationality; 
Brother: William Walker lived in Walsh County, present address unknown; 
Sister: Anna Walker lived in Walsh County, present address unknown; 
Sister: Bertha Walker lived in Walsh County, present address unknown; 
Daughter: Edna Flynn 30 June 1911, Eden Twp. Mrs. Smoat of Woodbridge CA; 
Daughter: Bertha Flynn 18 Aug. 1914, Eden Twp. Mrs. Hight of Bridgewater, IA. 
The second wife (Mary Walker) of Patrick Flynn Jr. passed away on the 18th 
of August 1914.  The biography did not state the cause of death but I assume it 
was during the birth of their second daughter Bertha.

If the 1910 census is correct, Mary Walker was the niece of Patrick Flynn.  This would
make her his sister Margaret's child, or the child of Mary Kelly's sister Margaret.  
See the 1910 census data at very end of this document.  To date I have not found Mary's family.
		In 1916 Patrick Flynn Jr. sold his farm and other property and moved to Conway, ND
where he lives now alone and receives old age pension. 

Offices held by Patrick Flynn were:

1.  St. Marks Church, Conway, ND, church treasurer, from 1903 to 1916
2.  Corresponding secretary for the Catholic Order of Foresters of Conway, ND. 
        No dates were given for years he held this office.

Parents of Patrick Flynn 
The biography had no real data on Patrick's parents.  I have included census data
and have included other data which I have since uncovered.  Patrick Flynn Sr. and 
Kathern Lehane both were born in Bantry Ireland, or at least in that area.   The west
of Ireland in the mid 1800's was a very poor area especially for Catholics, and thus 
he and many others immigrated even before the Great famine of 1845.  Census data 
claims he came in 1840 and he does appear on the 1850 census (below).  See maps below for 
location of Wexford (top right), Cork and Bantry (bottom). Wexford is included since 
Ballycanew was the home of Jack Langstaff’s early relatives.

Insert #6 : 1850 Census for Fort Winnebago, Columbia Co. Wis. 5th Sep. 1850

			Patrick Flinn, age 30 born Ireland and  labourer is living with Michael(50) 
			and Jane(35) Kene, who operates a saloon.  Other Irish labourers include
			Walter Kelley(40), Robert Doyle(27), Dennis Horrigan(25) and Patrick 

The 1894 Atlas description of Bantry follows:

Bantry, seaport and market town (south) on Bantry Bay, parish of Kilmocoge (q.v.), 
S.W. Co. Cork, Ir., 10 miles NW of Skibbereen. Situated in a valley, it is surrounded by 
mountains on all sides except towards the sea.  It contains a parish church (CE), a Roman 
Catholic chapel, a Wesleyan chapel, a courthouse, a bridewell (A house of correction for 
the confinement of disorderly persons; so called from a hospital built in 1553 near St. Bride's (or Bridget's) well, in 
London, which was subsequently a penal workhouse) and a dispensary.  Quarter and petty sessions
are held, and it is the site of seven annual fairs.  Bantry is a well-known tourist resort, 
and the inhabitants are mostly engaged in the fisheries.  A once consider­able trade in 
corn (grain) and flour has almost dwindled away, but all necessary supplies for vessels 
calling at the port may be had.  A monastery was erected 1466, and Ireton (see below) 
built a fort in the neighbourhood during the time of Cromwell, but it was soon dismantled
and allowed to fall into decay. 
Bantry was threatened by a French fleet which put into the bay 1689; and a force from 
Flanders, consisting of soldiers of William of Orange, was landed and occupied it in 1697. 
A year after (1698) a second French feet had come into the bay, but was scattered by a 
storm before hostilities commenced. 
Bantry House, a seat of the Earl of Bantry, and Gurtenroe House are local mansions.     
Henry Ireton was one of the most enthusiastic of the 59 signatories of King Charles I 
death warrant.  Charles was executed Tuesday the 30th Jan. 1649.  Ireton died in Ireland
on 26th Nov. 1651 but his body was returned to England for a state funeral and buried 
in Westminster Abbey.  Like other prominent Regicides, Ireton's corpse was exhumed after
the Restoration and hanged at Tyburn.  His head was exhibited at Westminster for at least 
24 years.

		I have only a very small bit on the family of Mary Rose Kelly.

              Insert #7 :  Two census, one from 1870, Galena, Jo Daviess County, 
                                   Illinois and one for 1880  Money Creek, Houston County, 
                                   Minnesota, are as follows:
In 1870 they are living in Galena, Jo Daviess County, Illinois.
Name Relation Marital Gender Race Age Born Occ.
James KELLIE Self M Male W 35 IRE Farmer US Citizen*
Ann KELLIE Wife M Female W 32 IRE Keeping House
Patrick KELLIE Son S Male W 11 IL Attending School
James KELLIE Son S Male W 7 IL Attending School
Mary KELLIE Dau S Female W 6 IL Attending School
Jermiah KELLIE Son S Male W 3 Il
Maggie KELLIE Dau S Female W 1 IL
* James was a US citizen, but seems he could not vote, and his total estate valued at $100. Have not found him in Galena 1860. Parents of all foreign born, i.e. Ireland. The 1880 census has them moved to Money Creek Minnesota, as follows:
 James KELLIE     Self M Male      W 47 IRE  Farmer 		 IRE  IRE 
 Ann KELLIE        Wife M Female W 42 IRE  Keeping House  IRE  IRE 
 Patrick KELLIE Son S   Male      W 21 IL    Farm Laborer    IRE  IRE 
 James KELLIE     Son S  Male      W 18 IL    Farm Laborer    IRE  IRE 
 Mary KELLIE       Dau S  Female W 17 IL     At Home            IRE  IRE
 Jermiah KELLIE  Son S  Male      W 13 CAN Farm Labourer  IRE  IRE 
 Maggie KELLIE    Dau S Female W 11 IL     At Home 	      IRE  IRE  
 Annie KELLIE      Dau S Female  W 9 MN     At Home 	       IRE  IRE 
 Willie KELLIE       Son S Male      W 6 MN     At Home            IRE  IRE 
 Edward KELLIE   Son S  Male      W 3 MN     At Home 	       IRE  IRE 
 Perrie KELLIE      Son S  Male     W 8m MN   At Home 	        IRE  IRE 
Source Information: Census Place: Money Creek, Houston, Minnesota, FHC Film #1254624, 
NA Film: #T9-0624, p 385B.
Rushford, where Mary was born, is in the next County, Fillmore, but both towns are on 
the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul Railroad, one section apart, roughly 6 miles
with the border between.
The Univ. N. D. has a short biography of Kathern’s brother Patrick, and it confirms the family 
was from Rushford, MN and they came to the Dakotas about 1881.  Patrick died, 1922 and his 
wife Kathern McKlellan died 1936.  They raised a family of six children and one daughter 
died in infancy.  Their daughter Lauretta married an Albert Sobolik, and probably is buried in 
Sidney, Montana.  Albert was probably the son of Anton Sobolik, who came to Conway in 1881.
A second son James, married Margaret (?) and they raised a family of seven children.  One 
daughter had the strange name of Geneva.  They farmed in Walsh County,  Medford Twp., and
the family is on the 1900 census.
Mary C. is buried in the graveyard in Conway, N.D. and her head stone confirms the initial C.
I also have some information on Katherine Lehane's family, who seemed to have remained in 
Columbia County as farmers and labourers.  Below is a sketch of the first three generations of 
the family as I have it.  Katherine Lehane was Patrick's mother.
 Descendancy Narrative of Patrick Lehane's family: 

I. Patrick 1 Lehane

Patrick Lehane was born in 1795, Ire. and married Margaret (?), at Cork, Ireland. 
Patrick Lehane died on 15 Jul. 1857, Portage, Wis., was moved to new cemetery 1857, 
no plot #s, etc.  He is not buried with the other Lehanes I found in the Portage Cemetery. 

Children of Patrick and Margaret Lehane:

A. Timothy 2 Lehane

 Timothy Lehane married Ellen Maher before 1861, as son Timothy was born that year.

1. Timothy 3 Lehane

     Timothy Lehane was born on 16 Aug. 1861, baptized 22 Sep. 1861, Portage, 
      Columbia, Wis. 

B. John 2 Lehane

 John Lehane was born on 15 Oct. 1820 (from gravestone), possibly Bantry, Cork, 
 Ireland.  He married Maria H. "Mary" Sullivan, circa 1854.  He died 27 Dec. 1912
 and is buried in Portage Cemetery.
 		1. Kate 3 Lehane 
           Kate Lehane was born circa 1855 (from 1860 census) at Portage, Columbia, Wis. 
 		2. Mary 3 Lehane 
           Mary Lehane was born circa 1856 (from 1860 census) at Portage, Columbia, Wis. 
 		3. Daniel 3 Lehane 
           Daniel Lehane was born on 7 Dec. 1858, baptized 8 Dec. 1858, Portage, Columbia, Wis. 
 		4. James 3 Lehane 
           James Lehane was born on 11 Mar. 1859, baptized 12 March 1859, Portage, Columbia, Wis. 
 		5. Margaret 3 Lehane 
           Margaret Lehane was born on 6 Feb. 1861, actually baptized 2 Feb. 1861, Portage, Columbia, Wis. 
 		6. Ellenore 3 Lehane 
           Ellenore Lehane was born on 29 Jun. 1863, baptized 1 July 1863, Portage, Columbia, Columbia, Wis. 
 		7. Anna 3 Lehane 
           Anna Lehane was born on 30 Dec. 1866, baptized 2 Jan 1867, Portage, Columbia, Wis. 
 		8. John 3 Lehane 
           John Lehane was born on 11 Jan. 1869, actually baptized 15 Jan. 1869, Portage, Columbia, Wis. 
 		9. Elizabeth 3 Lehane. 
           Elizabeth Lehane: was born on 19 Jan. 1872, baptized on this date, Portage, Columbia, Wis. 
 		10. Julia 3 Lehane 
             Julia Lehane was born on 28 Oct. 1873, baptized 16 Nov. 1873, Portage, Columbia, Wis. 
 		11. Agnes 3 Lehane 
            Agnes Lehane was born on 7 Sep. 1876, baptized 8 Oct. 1876, Portage, Columbia, Wis. 


 C. Patrick 2 Lehane 
     Patrick Lehane was born circa 1824 (from Gravestone) Ireland.  He was God parent to Anne Lehane, 
     baptized on 2. Jan 1867, and to Julia Lehane baptized 28 Oct. 1873..   He married Anne Leonard 
     circa 1867.  He and his family appear on the 1880 census at Pacific, Columbia, Wis:

Insert #8 : 1880 census for Pacific, Columbia, Wis. 
 Patrick LEHAN Self  M  Male     W 56  IRE    Farmer               IRE IRE 
 Ann LEHAN      Wife M  Female W 50  IRE    Keeping House  IRE IRE 
 Mary LEHAN     Dau  S  Female W 12  WI                                 IRE IRE 
 John LEHAN     Son   S  Male     W   8   WI                                IRE IRE 
 James LEHAN  Son   S  Male      W   7   WI                               IRE IRE 

Source Information: Census Place: Pacific, Columbia, Wis, FH Film #1255420 NA Film Number: T9-1420, Page Number 213A in 1880 at Pacific, Columbia, Wis.

Patrick Lehane died on 29 Mar 1897, at Portage, Columbia, Wis. 
		1. Mary 3 Lehane 
           Mary Lehane was born on 2 Feb. 1868, baptized on this date, Portage, Columbia, Wis. 
 		2. John 3 Lehane 
           John Lehane was born on 23 Aug. 1870, baptized 18 September 1870, Portage or Pacific, Columbia, Wis. 
 		3. James 3 Lehane 
          James Lehane was born on 26 Apr. 1872, baptized 18 May 1872, Portage, Columbia, Wis 
 D. Daniel 2 Lehane 
 Daniel Lehane was born circa 1835 (from 1880 census) Ireland.   He married Julia Sullivan, probably the sister
 of Mary Sullivan circa 1856.  He was God parent to Patrick Henry "Flinn", Kathern's father.
 This data comes from the records of St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception Church, Portage.
		 1. John 3 Lehane 
           John Lehane was born circa 1853 (from 1860 census) at Portage, Columbia, Wis. 
 		2. Patrick 3 Lehane 
           Patrick Lehane was born circa 1855 (from 1860 census) at Portage, Columbia, Wis. 
 		3. Daniel 3 Lehane 
           Daniel Lehane was born on 2 May 1857, baptized 3 May 1857, Portage, Columbia, Wis. 
 		4. James 3 Lehane 
          James Lehane was born circa 1858, at from 1860 census, Portage, Columbia, Wis. 
 		5. Jeremiah 3 Lehane 
           Jeremiah Lehane was born on 12 Feb. 1861, baptized 13 Feb. 1861, Portage, Columbia, Wis. 
 		6. Cornelius 3 Lehane 
          Cornelius Lehane: was born on 26 Nov. 1864, baptized on this date., Portage, Columbia, Wis. 

E. Katherine 2 Lehane (wife of Patrick Flynn)

 Katherine Lehane was born in 1835, Bantry, Cork, Ireland (from 1860 census) and married Patrick Flynn circa 1856
 at Portage, Wis.  She died very young in Portage sometime in 1864,  No record of her death is in the
 church, so they may have moved already to Iowa.
 Katherine Lehane: married Patrick Flynn circa 1856, at probably, Portage, Columbia, Wis.  
   It is interesting to note that Patrick's two wives Mary Kelly and mary Wlker also died 
  young leaving children and then Patrick's daughter Kathern died young leaving four children: 
  Lorraine, Ken, Pat and Colleen.
 F. James 2 Lehane 
 James Lehane was born in 1839, at Cork, Ireland.  He was God parent to Mary Lehane, baptized 2 Feb. 1868.
 He never married and in 1880 he is a labourer living with his mother in Portage.  He died in
 1915, and is buried with his mother in the Portage Cemetery.

Insert #9 : 1880 census data:

Name  Relation  Marital Status  Gender  Race  Age  Birthplace  Occupation 	
Margaret LEHAN Self W Female W 85 IRE Keeping House IRE IRE
James LEHAN Son S Male W 45 IRE Laborer IRE IRE
G. Anne 2 Lehane 
      Anne Lehane was born circa 1842, Ireland (from 1860 census).

H. Margaret 2 Lehane

     Margaret Lehane was born circa 1845, Ireland (from 1860 census). 

Let me finish this biography with comments on Patrick's daughter, off topic but interesting.
I have always wondered how Jack and Kathern met met, as Dad was raised in the Kenora area
at least until after 1911.  He is not on the 1911 census with his siblings in Rainy River but is
listed with his Aunt Sophia and Uncle William Torrance in Kenora.  It may be that the family had 
moved recently and he, the youngest, was left behind while the family settled.  But Dad always
said he started to work when he was 10 years old and that would have been his age.  Thus he 
may have been working in his Uncle's hotel.  I have a vague rememberance of stories concerning a
hotel and even stranger as it supposedly contained a ghost and father was not happy with "Owiji" 
boards and anything occult.  But I have no other details.
At first I thought that Dad actually went to North Dakota with his father. Allan John's brother 
Samuel lived very near Conway, in Michigan, N.D., and his biography states he built a rather elaborate
wood home in the area around the turn of the century.  I though Allan John, a great wood worker,
probably went to help him.  But recent data would support Kathern moving to Minnesota sometime after
1907, the year her mother died.  I do know that her brother Patrick, who homesteaded around Vimy, 
Alberta, did move back to Minnesota sometime after 1915.  So it is very likely Kathern lived with Patrick 
or another brother and worked in the Spooner Stave Mill.  I do remember once, as a young child, visiting
by boat a family in Clemenson, which is a few miles up river, on the American side, from Rainy and I 
suppose they were Flynns.

Lorraine's first comment when she saw the picture of Kathern taken 1917 in her mill attire was , 
"Dad met Kathern when they both worked in the stave mill". 

The map below shows the homsteads where in 1906 the Flynn and Hess family were living: Joseph 
Flynn is located on section 30, Twp. 59, range 24, W4 and I assume this is where Patrick moved 
before he was married and there met Mary Rose Hess.


Insert #10: 1910 census for Conway Village, Walsh County, ND taken
                     26 April 1910.
Patrick, head, M W 49 widower Wis Ire Ire Farmer, General Farm, Employee*
Annie,  dau,  F W 22 s  ND Wis Iowa, None
James, son,  M W 16 s ND Wis Iowa   did not attend school since Sep 1, 1909
Lenora, dau, F W 14 s ND Wis  Iowa   did attend school since Sep 1, 1909
Frank,  son,  M W 12 s ND Wis Iowa   did attend school since Sep 1, 1909
Katie,   dau,  F W    8 s ND Wis Iowa   did attend school since Sep 1, 1909
Mary,   dau,  F W    5 s ND Wis Iowa   did attend school since Sep 1, 1909
Walker, Mary, niece, F W 19 single Wis Can Min, None
*home is owned and mortgaged and on a farm, but I believe it was on outskirts 
   and he was working more as a mechanic than actually farming.  His biography
   seems to indicate he was a very good mechanic just at the time when farming 
    was becoming more mechanized.