Conway, ND (click on image for full screen)

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Caption  :  Entering the town, sign on the right.
Caption  :  Town sign, close up.
Caption  :  Building where I found my bricks.
Caption  :  Sign in front of the church.
Caption  :  St Mark's Catholic Church, 1939.
Caption  :  St Mark's Church burning in 1939.
Caption  :  Church window, close up.
Caption  :  Graveyard's guardian.
Caption  :  Mary Flynn nee Kelly's gravestone.
Caption  :  Total face of the stone.
Caption  :  Details on the top of the stone.
Caption  :  Mary's birth and death dates.
Caption  :  Town and church from the graveyard.
Caption  :  Conway school photo c-1913, total.
Caption  :  All the student's names.
Caption  :  Conway students, 1913, left side, close up.
Caption  :  Kate and Mary's 1913 school photo.
Caption  :  Conway's main street c-1905, nice buggy.
Caption  :  View Conway from the Soo depot, c-1905.
Caption  :  Conway school and Presbyterian Church, c-1905.
Caption  :  Bantry, Cork, the Flynn home in Ireland.
Caption  :  1894 description of Bantry, County Cork.
Caption  :  Portage, WI in 1868, early Flynn home.
Caption  :  Generic Flynn family crest, in Gaelic.
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