Daniel Krienke

Daniel Krienke: born 4 Dec. 1880, sponsors: Michael Erdmann, ackersmann (farmer)Radczicz, Carl Müller, husband of Rosina Wachholtz, a schmied (blacksmith) from Witoslaw (but not clear), and Fraü Eva Rosina Depke geb Erdmann baüersfraü (farmers wife, today a country woman) of Radczicz. He married Anna Christina Bohn, circa 1826 (see son Ernst), who may have been married previously, but to date no record of this marriage has been found. He and his parents moved south across the Netze River to the village of Antonina before 1826. It was here he died on 26 July 1879. His occupation is variously listed, but he was one of the first people who produced oil from grain, I assume flax ground gives linseed oil.