DNA Testing

In order to test your DNA you have to contact FamilyTreeDNA at their website to order a kit. The prices are listed on the website. I have chosen to have the 37 marker test done. I know it is the most expensive, but if we are attempting locating matches 5 or more generations back I thought that it would be best. I have been at this for avery long time so considering what I have spent so far, the money is not a problem.

The site gives you a procedure as well, but I thought a closer view of the test equipment would help. It is simple, you take the scraper and scrap the interior of your cheek, they recomend for about 60s, in order to collect a reasonable number of cells. You then open the screwcap vial and using the plunger insert the small scraper end into the vial. The waiting times between eating etc. are explained in the instructions you recieve. Mail the two samples away and "Bob's your Uncle".