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The aims of the two DNA projects I have started i.e. Langstaff and Krienke, at FamilyTreeDNA.com are listed in more detail below.

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  • I believe there is a distinct possibility that my family from Grenville County, William and John, and the Carleton County Langstaffs who settled in Gloucester Twp. 1833, Andrew and his wife Jane Hollywood, may be related.

    Two facts may support this assumption.

    1. Andrew's daughter Harriet married a man from Montreal in Prescott, not Ottawa or Montreal. This may be only because of different religions, but also could be for family relatives.

    2. William's grandson Allan John moved to Ottawa for work after 1881. Why not Montreal or Toronto, but here in Ottawa he finds his wife, Mary Johnston, who just happens to live very near Andrew, see map below: Mary is on the properties labeled Jas. and D. Johnston, near Ramsayville Cors., P.O. (From the Gloucester, 1879 Twp. map.)