DNA Projects

The aims of the two DNA projects I have started i.e. Langstaff and Krienke, at FamilyTreeDNA.com are listed in more detail below.

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Langstaff or Krienke.


In my research I have found many families of Krienkes in the Kreis Wirsitz area between 1772-1800, as well as other families scattered around the United Sates and Canada. This will be an attempt to see if we can discover how many different Krienke/Krinke families do exist. Do we have a common ancestor or several different ancestors.

In particular, our own family, descendent from Christoph and Maria Wachholtz, and a second descendent from Michael and Katherina Glaser. It would be very interesting to see if these two families are closely connected.

Secondly, as you saw from the beginning there are Krinkes in the Czech Republic that originated in Silesia and I am of the opinion that Christoph's ancestors could be from Silesia as well. One reason for this was in 1870 when Germany was formed Radczicz changed its name to Hermansdorf and there is a parish of that name in the Breslau (today, Wrocław) area. I believe Eduard Krinke from the Czech Republic, a member of this family, has agreed to take part in the project. The results should be enlightening.

Lastly, it would be really great if members of the other Krienke families listed on the Internet would be willing to participate. Especially, those whose origins can be found in Wisconsin and Minnesota as this is where Christoph and Michael's family first settled. Only in this way can we discover our true roots.