Krienke Family Maps

  1. That area of Kreis Wirsitz and Kolmar (my drawing) showing most of the villages where our German relatives and other families were found between 1700 - 1800. This 1910 map shows the same area but with more German and less Polish names.

  2. Map of that part of Kreis Kolmar showing the home of Daniel Krienke and the birthplace of my great grandfather Eduard (Netze River in blue) as it was in 1910.

  3. To help locate the above two Kreis, I have included these maps of central Europe between the end of the 30 Years War, 1648 and the final partition of Poland in 1795. From these you can see who ruled the area where our Krienke ancestors lived. The boundaries for these maps are only my approximations but hopefully they are close: 1648; 1772; 1795.