This site is to give all our relatives and other interested parties access to our family tree and to the other family records that we have recorded over the past years and Fran's Paintings.

And for peope to view the latest discovery: The Forge Family Photo Album.

The site contains the following materials:/

1. Family Tree: there are about 41,000 individuals in the tree at this time including Langstaff/Longstaff; Krienke/Krinke; Longhurst and Neely. There are many other families and individuals who are closely related by marriage and as well many other who just came in contact with our ancestors as neighbours, Godparents etc. Other people who will find interesting tidbits here are those whose forebears came from the old Prussian province of Posen and the Austro-Hungarian provinces of Galicia and Bukowina. These records stretch from the late 1600's to the present but only those after 1772 with noted sources can be considered accurate and families before that time have been arranged by me based on my own assumptions.

2. Family Files: here are found individual family pages that may contain memoirs, letters, documents and/or stories written either by me or the individuals themselves or simply a family sheet. Click on the family coat of arms below to view each family, or on one of the names in blue from the list below to view an associated family.

       Associated  Families  and  Places
Krienke            Langstaff	      Longhurst	          Neely 
Wirzitz             Rainy River       Bracebridge        South River 
Sprenger         Warren              Russell                 Worling 
Karnath           Johnston           Woods                  McAfee 
Eichmann        Sluman              Hamilton              White 
Croswell          Flynn                 French                  Hemphill 
Mittelstädt      Spencer             Fife                       Gore 
Bohn                Dryden              Forge                    Arnold

3. DNA project: I have started two projects which, if people will participate, will shed more
light on our earliest ancestors. If no records exist, this is our only recourse.

4. Maps: while researching in many different areas I have found or constructed many old maps containing towns and villages where our ancestors lived. many of these places no longer exist and therefore this section will help to place exactly where our ancestors began their travels to North America and where we might still have relatives.

5. Photos: one of the main reasons I began this project was to locate and identify as many old family photos as was possible. This quest has been expanded today to include not only family but photos and other images of villages, scenes, and everyday events that help us form a mental picture of what our ancestors lives and environment was like. Over the past 8 years I have shared what I have collected via CD with many relatives and friends. I hope that this site will encourage others to submit their prized pictures to be added to the ever growing collection. When time permits many of these will be added directly into the family tree.

6. Related Site: here are three sites, among many, that contain information on other families that just may be related to ours:

The Krinke family from the Destné region of the Czech Republic, web site:


The old Langstaffs of Yorkshire and Durham in England: