Includes many German families from Kreis Wirsitz and Kolmar, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, West Prussia and Bruce County. 

Includes many German families from Kreis Wirsitz and Kolmar, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, West Prussia and Bruce County. 

I have included this list of Kreis Wirsitz-Kolmar BIRTHS from LDS films which I have recorded. Some of these children are are also in the family tree along with their godparents/sponsors (GP).

In the column headed GPs the first number is the number of sponsors I believe I have identified and the second number is the total number of sponsors listed.

Some are in the family tree, but I have yet to identify their GPs.

Others I have recorded but not yet entered. I included these since my health is not the best and I may never finish to the end of 1810.

If you count godparents/sponsors, parents and children this is over 15,000 residents of Kreis Wirsit and Kolmar including some who have no children but acted as God parents.

This project was started as a family tree, but was expanded for the benefit of all others whose family touches ours in some way. It was further expanded to include numerous German records from 1772 to c1900 for others who may not have the time to learn to read the old German scripts.

There will be many mistakes made through typing errors and misreading the microfilm files. This is unavoidable and I wish to take full responsibility, and welcome corrections from all. I can be contacted at

Also note the date the site was updated (found at the bottom of this page) if you wish to use a page number for reference since each update will add more pages and the information you looked at may appear on a new page. Sorry but this can not be avoided.

There will also be deliberate mistakes on my part since I have put many people into families based on village, naming pattern, God parents and simply their family name. I have done this just to make finding individuals easier. Corrections would be gratefully accepted. This is especially true for the Pegelo, Pegelow, Pägelow, Paegelow familes and the Karnaths from West Prussia, for the earliest members found.

There are also families who start and go nowhere. These are the result of my attempting to find links and I have found none, but I have left what I have found in hope that it might be useful to some other researcher.

If anyone would wish to have their data removed please contact me as above and I will remove the data as soon as possible.

This data will never be sold or submitted to any other company or institution and I only collect it for family and free distribution.